Regenesis Transformation Programme (RTP)

Experience a breakthrough

The Regenesis Transformation Programme (RTP) is a comprehensive programme that is designed by industry experts to equip an aspiring entrepreneur with the relevant knowledge and practical skills to set up and manage a business.

Strategic Partners Advocacy Programme (SPAP)

Creating ownership and building engagement

In January 2019, we launch our Strategies Partner’s Advocacy Programme (SPAP), by bringing together 2 of the most effective strategies used in the market. The SPAP aims to create a sizable number of advocates that could assist us in our market expansion plans

GAP Analysis

Identify your goals and priorities (GAP)

Awareness is the first step towards transformation. The GAP (goals and priorities) analysis is a system that we have created to help individuals identify the “GAPs” in their life. With a better understanding of your GAPs, we will then propose possible solutions to achieve them.

What Clients Say

After attending the RTP, I have learnt to better manage my time and develop new habits that bring me closer towards achieving my goals.

Yong – RTP Graduate

It has always been a pleasure working with Benedict and his team. I am impressed by their integrity and dedication towards achieving the requirements.

Dr Lim – Client